Through my career in wine I have discovered insight through the process and inspiration not only from the artistry of cultivation and a personal relationship with the soil and vines but most importantly through the community of talented people invested in sharing their love and deeply personal insights and vision of the industry is key to my own personal vision of success.

After many years of study, travel, research and development, trial and error, I was ready to launch my first solo project. Drawing on the wisdom of generational families, the inspiration of seasoned producers as well as on my own extensive international experiences I cultivated a mission to focus first and particularly on all the elements needed in premium-quality grape varietals, aged vines, and the clones that retain the old-world influences in their new world environments.

When all the parts finally fell into place I had my first cask and soon after KARA WINES corked with the launch of the 2013 California vintage pursued and produced Pinot Noir from the Chalone region.


The First vintage was the 2013 Pinot Noir single vineyard from Antel Vineyard formerly Dick Graff vineyard, Chalone. Both the 2013-2014 vintage were made at Cima Collina winery. 2015 vintage I moved production and started working with John Beneddeti from Sante Arcangeli winery. The Chalone, Antel vineyard produced half the yield. So before I made 4,000 bottles I now made 2,000 bottles. This year I introduced using Cabernet barrels from Napa Reserve winery and one new Burgundy barrel from Tonnellerie Sirugue.

For 2016 vintage the Chalone, Antel vineyard returned to normal production and produced a full yield approximately 4,000 bottles. Again will be introducing new once used barrels from the Napa Reserve winery, new French oak barrels from Tonnellerie Sirugue and one new French oak barrel from Mistral.

All the Pinot Noir grapes in KARA WINES are organic, hand picked harvested, produced and bottled.